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To magnetize those desirable Asian-American clients, Pechanga and as a minimum two other area casinos are doing the whole thing from publicity in racial publications and hiring multilingual hosts, to contributions Asian-American entertainment and in one case, re-modeling segments of the casino with Asian themes.

Pechanga Vice President of advertising Michelle Schilder said last week that when the casino lately embarked on a major improves of its high-stakes room, it fetched in a master of the Chinese art of feng shui to supervise the project. Feng shui means "wind and water," and the primeval Chinese beliefs holds that the placement of convinced objects in a room and the way the space is laid out can get improved the flow of positive energy or "chi"

"We absolutely wanted to be confirm that we were right on the dos and don'ts: the confident colors that mean bad luck and the situation of certain things that are no-nos," Schilder said of the $4 million revamp project .The entrance to the 14,000-square-foot, high-stakes room is protected by pairs of fu dog statues, which many Chinese consider to be influential, defensive forces that bring good luck.

Earth tones leads the room, table edges are all rounded and a waterfall provide a soothing sounds cape to those who are betting a lowest sum of $100 a hand on games like pai gow poker or blackjack.

Casinos target Asian gamers with outdoor ad campaign

Billboards are coming up all over town but most drivers can't understand what they say. Some metro area casinos are support to a small sector of the inhabitants in their national tongue - Vietnamese.

Casino officials say they are trying to reach an important customer base using their own language. Observant drivers on the West Bank Expressway can see Boomtown Casino billboards printed with large Vietnamese words. The billboards, put up late last year, advertise Progressive Pai Gow, a card game casino officials say is highly popular among Vietnamese gamers.

5 Regular Mistakes In Public Speaking Harrah's casino recently put up its own Asian-language billboard near the Crescent City Connection toll booths. The Harrah's billboard wishes passersby a Happy New Year in Vietnamese and Chinese. Casino officials say they have advertised in the past to other ethnic groups, such as Hispanics, and the Vietnamese billboards are just another incarnation of foreign-language marketing.

Its part of just our normal advertising, said Ben Gravolet, director of marketing for Boomtown. We are just kind of market to everybody as a group.He said the Vietnamese billboards are the only non-English language billboards Boomtown has up at this time. Boomtown did not provide the exact figure it spends on marketing to Vietnamese. The marketing tactic disturbs Samantha-Hope Atkins, executive director of HopeNetworks Inc., a nonprofit addiction support resource based in Baton Rouge.

Atkins referred to the billboards as a form of predatory marketing and cultural marketing strategies. The Vietnamese have shown a predisposition to heavy gambling. Otherwise, why would these casinos be competing for their business? She asked. It's an outrage, absolute outrage. ... This is an emerging trend.

Others said gambling is widespread in Vietnamese communities

It also is a difficulty that many relations face, said Sue Weishar, director of migration and refugee services for the Catholic Charities agenda of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Noticeably they (the casinos) are doing this since they understand that this is a inhabitants worth aiming, she said.

John Payne, general manager of Harrah's, said the billboard is simply advertising Asian New Year, which is celebrated this month. The casino holds dragon dances and a party for the New Year celebration, he said. When asked whether Harrah's has advertised on a billboard using an Asian language in the past, Payne said Harrah's 26 or so properties have used many different types of billboards across the country.

State laws allow casinos to advertise and market to various ethnic groups. Boomtown casino once posted Spanish-language billboards but quit after research showed many Hispanics speak English, Gravolet said.

Gravolet estimates 10% of Boomtown's customers are Asian, and most of those are Vietnamese who live on the West Bank.

Boomtown has advertised specifically to Vietnamese in the past and has geared advertising to Vietnamese communities in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, he said.He said Boomtown advertises in coastal communities with large Vietnamese populations. Many older Vietnamese don't speak English or are more fluent in Vietnamese, he said.

It's also a sign of respect to them that we put these billboards out in their language, he said. The billboards are one piece of Boomtown's multifaceted marketing approach to Vietnamese gamers. He said Boomtown was the first casino in the area to advertise across the front of the magazines, then its competition followed suit.

Boomtown often sponsors free concerts featuring popular Asian singers, including one known as the Vietnamese Little Richard and another known as the Britney Spears of Vietnamese singers, Gravolet said. The concerts are free with the hope that they'll go into the casino and play, he said.

Atkins said preying on a culture's addictions is bad business, (but) there's absolutely no incentive to this industry to reduce their marketing, she said. Atkins is particularly disheartened by the billions of dollars addictive industries such as gambling, tobacco and alcohol cost taxpayers.

Treating addictions and associated costs resulted in an $8 billion bill to taxpayers in 1998, including $2 billion from gaming, she said.




To magnetize Asian consumers, casinos in New England and all over the country utilize many conventional advertising and promotional practice as well as some pioneering strategies infrequent in other amusement markets.

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun frequently buy ads in Chinese newspapers and Chinese-language phone books, and allot glossy flyers in Asian languages. The two casinos have also employed bulky numbers of Asian workers to help Asian customers: Nearly one in seven workers at Mohegan Sun is Asian American, and at Foxwoods the number is one in six.

Advertising to Asians

But the attraction of their promotional approach is their Chinatown bus service promotions. Private bus services like Sunshine Travel in Boston or Golden Global Travel in Flushing, New York, join forces with the casinos to propose patrons like David Liu round-trip tickets from Chinatown, in Boston or in New York City, to the casinos for only $10.

The ticket cost also proposes free lunch and gambling vouchers worth upwards of $35, depending on the casino and the carrier. The only grasp (or additional benefit depending on how one views it): the return ride logically departs about six hours after drop-off at the casino. So, if a bettor doesn't gamble his cards right, and loses his cash soon after arriving, he has incomplete options: sit in the food court or extraction more currency to shop at the casino complex or persist to stake.